I have just loaded up (I think that what you call it)  some of my favorite recipes for cooking vegetables.  Vegetable are so important to eat and for maintaining your health. I know we all forget to cook and eat are veggies so I would like to help you out.

 When we were small we had no choice but to eat the vegetable we were feed. They were all mused up and feed to us. When we grew up we threw a fit at the table when we saw them on our plates. I know that many of you had to sit at the table and eat cold vegetable and clean your plate before you were allowed to get up. If you were anything like me when they turned their back you scooped them off into your napkin and went out the back door and fed them to your dog. I did this many nights when I saw peas on my plate. Even my dog would not eat the cold peas that were left on my plate. I had peas in my pocket and in my napkin when I left the table. I ran as fast as I could out the back to see my dog and feed these to him.

Why when we are babies vegetables tasted so good and when we get older they taste so bad. I think it is the way they are prepared. Too many people over cook their vegetables and they loose their flavor. They turn to mush and when we eat them they taste bad. Over cooking vegetable looses their entire flavor inside. Raw vegetables are better for you.

I have given you a lot of salad recipes using raw vegetables. I have also given you canning recipes so that you can put up all your summer vegetable and have them in your fruit cellar for the winter. This one is so important to have a good stock of vegetables for winter months. The importance is how to cook vegetable so they do not loose their flavor. Once you understand the cooking process the rest is easy. They are such a pleasure to eat and so good for you.

I hope you like these recipes and will come back and visit more to see the new ones I load up here for you. Hope I am saying this one right. I do not know this Internet talk so well but I am trying now to learn it. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks I am learning them each and every day.