Today’s blog is a little off topic from my normal blogs and post here. I am new to this world of blogging and looking for new media to understand how all this work. I have been fumbling through the Internet trying my hand at searching for new and interesting blog sites and how this all work. I stumbled upon one blog site today called Blog Advertising Store. I spent a long time looking through this blog and reading all about it, I do find it quite interesting and the concept of how you may advertise your blog through this network is very appealing to me. I am new here and want to try and help as many people as I can with my health and wellness information. I have information on your heath that will make a difference. I have posted here some articles on how simple foods as blackberries, almonds, bananas, and other fruits can be used to cure the simplest of health problems such as constipation and diarrhea,  I would love to reach thousand upon thousands of people with this information. Knowing little about how to blog and how to do this I went on a quest through the Internet. Here is where I found Blog Advertising Store. I am in hopes with their help they can help this old Grandma learn how to blog and get started into this wonderful world of Internet. I am still a little scared about all this but now I have started I do not want to stop. I just hope that one day all of you will find the information I have to tell you of some value and interest. I will keep blogging and hoping that the word gets around that I am here and I have this wonderful information for you.

 I have found out there that people are so controversial on what they have to say. I read some so called experts on health and know for a fact that my Great Great-Grandma Simpson was never sick and lived a very healthy life. My own Mother lived till she was 96 years old. I know with the information I have to offer can lead to a better way of life for all.

 Thank you Blog Advertising Store for your wonderful help to me in this new adventure of blogging. I hope if anyone out there is new to this world of blogging such as I am they will think about Blog  Advertising Store and run over there to take a look.