As the Scottish proverb says “A Good Beginning Makes a Good Ending”. Breastfeeding is the perfect start for a new life. The experience of breastfeeding is special for so many reasons:

  • The joy you receive in bonding with your baby
  • The nutrition only you can provide
  • Breast milk has disease-fighting antibodies that help protect your child

But what happens when this joy turns to pain for the new Mothers’? After giving birth new Mothers’ experience engorgement swelling of the breasts. The swelling is increased by expanding veins and the pressure of new milk.

Immediately after birth, the new Mother produces colstrum. A yellow, sticky fluid secreted by the breast that provides nutrition and protection against infection. Colostrum contains more protein, less sugar and much less fat than mature breast milk.

 What can we do to ease this pain?

 From the beginning of time Mothers’ have breastfeed their children.  Let us take a walk back in history to the Athenian days of Greece. After giving birth in Ancient Greece the Athenian doctors would prescribe cabbage to the nursing mothers.

The cabbage would reduce swelling breasts in first time Mothers’ allowing them to nurse their children. Right after the birth of my first child Grandma Simpson came to visit. She saw the discomfort I was having when trying to breast feed my son.

 Right away she went to the store and purchased 4 large cabbages and came home. She proceeded to make me eat the raw cabbage she had cut up. After she boiled some of the cabbage and threw it away saving the cabbage water. She served this hot in a tea cup to me 4 times a day.

 Within hours of eating the raw cabbage and drinking one cup of hot cabbage water the swelling went down. Grandma Simpson prepared hot cabbage water to drink before breast feeding to ease the pain and swelling in my breast. I would never of continued breast feeding my son if it wasn’t for Grandma Simpson.

 Raw cabbage or cabbage broth taken by new nursing mother will ease the engorgement swelling of the breasts. When the breasts become engorged they are more prone to infections. Preventative measures should be taken to avoid and reduce engorgement.

After the birth of my second child I followed Grandma Simpsons’ advice and prepared hot cabbage water to drink before each feeding. But this time I was having a problem to produce enough milk to feed my daughter.

Grandma Simpson suggested that I use caraway seeds to promote the secretion of milk. I had to pound the caraway seeds to a powder. I then added 20 grams to a wine glass full of hot water and drank it. I drank this mixture once a day for two weeks and never had a problem to produce the milk needed for my daughter.

What stops the secretion of milk?

Many new Mothers’ right after giving birth have problem with constipation. This is one of the major reason we can not produce milk. A simple change in our diet can be all that we need to stop the constipation and allow us to produce the milk we need to feed our baby.

 By changing our diet to include simple foods such as Brazil nuts can help in constipation. Cracked wheat soaked overnight in water and boiled for a couple of hours is one of my most recommended cures for constipation.

 French onion juice also relieves constipation. Onions are noted for their nerve soothing properties. As we all know being a new Mother is nerve racking and a first time Mother is very stressful. These two symptoms alone can cause the lack of secretion of milk.

Did you realize that onions can beautify your complexion? Yes it is true but I would use onions in moderation or they are apt to disagree with you. Not everyone can digest onions, although I believe them to be more easily digested raw than cooked.

 Eating carrots right after the birth of your child is invigorating and nerve restoring. They are easy to digest when boiled and not steamed. It is best to take the fresh raw juice right after delivering your child. This is easily prepared by grating the carrot finely and straining and pressing the pulp thru a cheese cloth.

By altering our diet right after child birth we can ease the pain of constipation. Adding a little caraway seed will help all new Mothers’ produce the milk needed to feed their babies. These are so simple but effect measures for Mothers’ right after child birth.

 On the birth of my last child he was born with colic. I was extremely worried for my son. Grandma Simpson told me to use caraway seeds to cure his colic. I was ordered to take half an ounce of the bruised seeds and soak them in cold water for six hours. I was then to give him 1 teaspoon full of the water once a day. Within days I saw such an improvement in my son and in no time this cured his colic.

Simple changes make the difference: 

The simple changes we make as a new Mother can really make the difference. Just by eating raw cabbage or drinking hot cabbage water can relieve the pressure in our breasts. Carrots can help to ease our nerves and relax us. They are so healthy for us and give so much nutrition to our new baby.

 By modifying our diet just a little we can avoid the discomforts of constipation. It is not difficult to take care of ourselves after child birth. These simple steps can help all of us get off to a good start as a new Mother and calm our nerves as we tread along the road to parenthood.