Let us play food Jeopardy. Here I will describe to you some food commercials from the 1950’s and 1960’s and you tell me what product they belong to. Like Jeopardy you will start your answer off: What is. Leave your replies in comments. Let us see who gets all the answers correct on this one. I will post the answer to all questions in 3 days.

Question 1:

 What is? They won’t wilt when you pour on milk. They won’t bunch when they want to crunch. They are double toasted double crispy and golden. General Mills makes them just the way they should.

Question 2:

What is? Concentrate on sandwiches long, short, tall and small all made with…… When you want to bring out the flavor and bring out the best……

Question 3:

 What is? Look around more and more people are picking up on ………. Could it be just for fun? Or could it be the big tomatoes taste?

Question 4:

What is? Pie Fred? Yes please just a small piece, no smaller than that, no half that, no smaller than that, yes that one is fine. Because non dairy …………..has all the flavor and good old fashion taste than whip cream you have to make and because it is a topping that comes already whipped and so easy to use some people  like a little pie with their ………

Question 5:

 What is? Good afternoon, today like everyday in grocery stores like this right in your neighborhood. More people are putting more ……..  in their market basket than any other kind. Now why is that? How come? It isn’t because the grocer forced them to do it. I swear he never twisted their arm and said you buy …….. or else. It isn’t because ……… advertises more than all other brands put together. It is because you shoppers are just plain smart.

Answer each question stating with: What is…….

Have fun and enjoy. I am looking forward to all your answers. If anyone has a question relating to food and old commercials please submit your questions for everyone to answer. The top poster or person will the correct answers can win a new cookbook I am just finishing up. I am keeping score and when there are 10 correct answers from one person I will send him or her the cookbook. Have fun and enjoy playing.