My children loved chocolate cake. As they grew they demanded more and more chocolate cakes each day. I tried to make a double even triple batch of cake batter so I could have cake for two or three days for them. This never worked out for me at all. I had 3 growing boys who ate me out of house and home.

 I remembered that my Grandma Simpson had the most wonderful chocolate cake recipe. I hunted it up and down and finally found it. I remembered that she made this when she had sour milk. I had a carton of goat milk that had soured the boys did not finished and I refused to throw it away. I found the recipe and started to prepare this cake.


             2 Square chocolate (4 for double batch)

            ¾ Cup boiling water (1 ½ double batch)

            3/8 Cup shortening (3/4 cups double batch)

            1 ½ Cups sugar (3 for double batch)

            3/8 Cup of sour milk (3/4 cup double batch)

            1 Teaspoon vanilla (2 teaspoons double batch)

            2 Small eggs (4 double batch)

            1 3/8 Cups flour ( 2 ¾ cups double batch)

            ¾ Teaspoon baking soda (1 ½ double batch)

            1 3/8 Cup Flour (2 ¾ cups double batch)

            3/8 Teaspoon salt (3/4 teaspoon double batch)


 Pour boiling water over finely cut up chocolate and shortening and stir until melted. Add sugar and sour milk. Add four, salt, and soda all at once and stir until smooth. Add eggs one at a time beating well after each. Bake 45 minutes at 350.

 Preparing my cake:

 I was so happy to find Grandma Simpson’s recipe for her wonderful chocolate cake and use the soured goat milk I had in my house. I gathered all ingredients together and started to prepare this cake. I arrived at the part to add baking soda.

I had been cooking for a number of years now and Grandma was a wonderful teacher. I knew that every cake I ever made called for baking powder and not baking soda. I was sure there was a mistake on this so instead of adding the baking soda I put in backing power. Everyone knows it takes baking powder for a cake to rise.

 Cooking the cake:

 I got the cake mixed and in the oven baking. I came in to look about 30 minutes after placing them in the oven. Yes my cake is rising but not what I had expected. I saw the center of my cake rising up like Mount St Helens. I was in shock to see this tall mountain in the center of my cake. I had never seen a cake rise like this before. Mind you I had cooked cakes for my children 3 to 4 times a week.

 When the cake was finished and out of the oven I had a giant mountain in the center of my cake. The boys were so excited to eat this cake they said I was great. I had made them a mountain cake. I went to cut the cake and it broke my knife. I could not even get that cake cut.

 Mount St Helens explodes:

 I was angry and took the cake outside to try and feed it to our dog. He took one look at it and walked away. He could not even bite into this cake and refused to eat it. I was so angry now that I grabbed up my cake and went out to the trash can to throw it away. I threw it so hard inside the trash can I broke the bottom out of my can. This was one day that the kids would not eat what I made, the dog refused, the garbage disposal could not chop it up and the trash can broke at how heavy it was.

 I will never add baking power to a sour milk cake again. When the recipe calls for baking soda I will make sure that it is baking soda I add instead of baking power.