Bananas and Barley Medical Uses

Bananas are good for:

Bananas are valuable for inflammation of all kinds. Bananas are useful for typhoid fever, gastritis, peritonitis and other stomach aliments. During such outbreak bananas are the only food your body accepts now. When you suffer from gastritis, peritonitis and other stomach aliments food is hard to digest and sometimes bananas are the only food your body will allow you to eat. Bananas reduce the inflammation of the bodies’ intestines. The fruit consists of 95% nutriment and do not posses enough waste matter to irritate the inflamed spots.  

 When using bananas for stomach inflammation take care making sure they are thoroughly ripe and the stringy portion carefully removed. Mash the bananas and beat to a cream. If the taste is not to your liking add a little lemon juice and mix it in. Bananas may also  be eaten with fresh cream.

Great Great-Grandma Simpson well-known in Roby for her natural home cures. One story my Grandma loved to tell over and again was how Grandma called on in the middle of the night left to see a small child suffering from peritonitis. She had no idea what to expect and if the house had anything she could use to help this child. Grandma packed up some strong barley water, bananas, and an enema syringe. When arriving at the home the small child was lying across the bed screaming and obviously in agony. Grandma first gave a warm water enema to the small child. She used a pint of warm water injecting and allowing it time to leave. She repeated this procedure thoroughly washing out the bowels. After she warmed the barley water, mashed the bananas, beat them to cream, and mixed in the barley water. This prepared a soothing nutrient lotion. Finally Grandma injected the soothing nutrient into the child; much as she could bear comfortably.  The effect was magical. The pain subsided, and the child recovered.

Grandma loved to tell us this story when we refused to eat our fruits and vegetables. She would explain that is what keeps our bowels moving and our stomachs cleaned out. If the lack of fruits and vegetables in our diet our stomach will bind up and we will need Great Great-Grandma Simpson banana enema. I know this is not pleasant to speak of  but the truth is what this is. If you restrict your diet from fruits and vegetables your bowels will suffer and back up on you.

If  ripe bananas are not available, baked bananas may be used. Consider that cooked fruit is not as valuable as fresh fruit. Bananas should be baked in their skins, and the stringy pieces carefully removed before eating. Cook the bananas for twenty minutes to half an hour slow.

Bananas are excellent food for anemic person for the iron they contain. A palatable way of taking them is with fresh orange juice.

Grandma and Mom used bananas on bruises and sprains. When the skin area was inflamed they would apply a plaster of bananas to the area and leave it sit for one hour. This releaved the pressure and swelling in the skin and added comfort to the sprained area.

Barley and what it is used for:

Barley rich in iron and phosphoric acid is excellent food for an anemic and nervous. Barley is also useful for fevers and all inflammatory diseases, because of its soothing properties. From the earliest times barley water has been the recognized drink of the sick.

How to make Barley Water:

When using pearl barley for making barley water the plant has to be well washed. The fine white dust that sticks to the plant is most unwholesome. Some boil the barley for five minutes to clean the plant after throwing away the water. This is not recommended because some of the valuable properties are thrown away with the dirt. For best results wash in cold water, repeat several times. Normally half a dozen washing should take care of this. After the last washing the water should be clear.

When using barley for curative purposes make it strong. Use one-half pint of barley to two and one-half pints of water, distilled water preferred. Boil the pot for three hours reducing the liquid to two pints. Strain and add 4 teaspoonful fresh lemon juices and sweeten to taste with pure cane sugar.

Bananas and barley are an excellent food source for anemic, nerves, typhoid fever, gastritis, peritonitis and other stomach aliments. A smashed banana compound used on bruises and sprains. I do remember when I was sick that my Mom use to make me eat bananas she said they would help with my fever.

I hope you will share this information with your family and friends and it will be helpful for you. I look forward to reading your comments if you find these cures useful for you. I hope that you will let me know if you tried any of them and how helpful you found them. I still eat many fresh bananas today and have no problems with my stomach or going to the toilet. I know when folks get up in age such as me they have stomach problems and find it difficult at times to use the toilet. So please consider eating bananas and try making the barley drink.



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