Blackberry, Black Currant, Brazil Nuts, Beans, Peas, Lentils and Beets Medical Uses

Blackberry and their cures:

Fresh blackberries are an excellent natural cure for diarrhea. When nature is not so nice to you and you suffer from those occasional bouts of diarrhea eat fresh or frozen blackberries. Over the counter medicine is bad for your health and may stop your diarrhea but can bind you up at the same time. Natural cures for diarrhea are better for you.

If fresh or frozen blackberries are not available a tea make from blackberry jelly and hot water maybe used. Take a large tablespoon of blackberry jelly and mix it with half a pint of water. Drink a teacupful in short intervals.

Blackberry jam is made with fresh ripe blackberries. Put the blackberries into a large pan, crust the blackberries simmer slowly to draw out the juice. Normal cooking time ranges from three-quarter to one hour. When finished remove from fire and strain through a jelly bag or doubled muslin cloth. Measure the juice, for each pint adds ¾ pound cane sugar. Return to fire boiling briskly for twenty minutes to half an hour. Test the jelly by dropping some on a cold plate, seeing  if  it sets when cold it is done. While the jelly is still at boiling point pour into dry clean jars and seal.

Black Currant healing powers:

Black current tea is one of the oldest remedies for sore throats and colds. It is made by pouring half a pint of boiling water on a large tablespoonful of  jelly or jam. You may make black current jelly by following the steps given in blackberry jelly. Just replace the blackberries with black current. When making tea and fresh fruit is available use fresh fruit. If no fresh fruit is available use the jelly to make your tea.

 Brazil Nuts when eaten are:

Brazil Nuts when eaten are excellent for constipation. If your bowels bind up eat fresh Brazil nuts to release them. Brazil Nuts are a good substitute for suet when making puddings. Use 5 ounces to 1 pound of flour. The nuts should be grated in a nut mill or finely chopped.

Bean, Peas and Lentils:

People suffering from gout should limit their intake of beans, peas, and lentils. Some specialists believe it increases the secretion of uric acid. Grandma denies this and says that if you cook them in distilled water or filtered rain water, adding lemon juice while cooking allows you to digest them easier.

Haricot beans are easier digested than meat by most stomachs’. When consuming the exact same portions of meat to haricot bean the person feels lighter eating the haricot compared to meat.

Lentils are the easiest digested of all pure foods, which may be eaten weekly. A soup made from red lentils cooked with distilled water maybe eaten twice a week. Lentils contain a large percentage of iron and phosphates.

Beets are excellent:

The red beet is useful for some diseases of the womb, while the white beet is good for your liver. The white beet is laxative and diuretic. The juice mixed with olive oil maybe be applied externally to burns and running sores.

 Again thank you for reading what nature provides for us and our bodies. We need to know and understand how to feed our bodies so our health stays and we do not fall sick. Please share this information with your family and friend. We all need a healthier way to live and eat. I have grown up on these foods and feed my family this way over time. My health is unstoppable and I feel like I will live to be the ripe old age of 100. I am happy to share all this knowledge with you and hope that you will share your comments with me.



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