Right after I was married to my husband we decided to live close to Grandma Simpson. My husband had worked on ranches and as a dairy farmer in his younger years. It was a real blessing to be close to the farm and the good memories I had growing up there each summer. I was not sure how I would likeTexasyear round but we decided to give it a try.

 Grandma Simpson was wonderful in helping me learn the art of cooking. She knew my Mother was not patient and did not teach me much about taking care of a home when I was growing up. I spent many happy days in the farmhouse in Roby with Grandma Simpson teaching me the finer points of cooking.

 One day I announced to Grandma Simpson I wanted to have the luncheon at our home tomorrow. Each day; the men would gather in Grandma Simpson’s kitchen; for their mid day meal. I had been there each day learning how to cook and helping out with the mid day meal. Grandma Simpson thought this would be a wonderful idea and she was looking forward to this.

 Preparing my mid day meal:

 I was so nervous this day I got up early and did the grocery shopping for lunch. I had decided to make port chops, fried potatoes, andTexasfried corn. For desert I saw some Jell-O in the market and decided it was so warm this day it would make a lovely desert for after the meal.

 I was preparing the meal and had the pork chop breaded and in the oven baking, the potatoes were pealed and the bacon fat was ready to fry them in. I had cut up the bacon and onions to prepare theTexascorn.

 Now it is time to start my desert. I see it take a few hours to set up in the refrigerator before you can eat it. I had never made Jell-O before and was sure this would surprise my husband and please him so much. I put the water on to boil.

 After the 1 cup of water had finished boiling I added my Jell-O to the hot water. I made sure it was dissolved and followed the directions on the box. I poured the Jell-O in the glass bowl and set it in the refrigerator to set.

 Lunch Time:

 The men arrived and so did Grandma Simpson. Lunch was prepared and I was so nervous. But to my surprise the men liked the meal and ate up all I had prepared. My husband was so happy and said that I was becoming a wonderful cook and that Grandma Simpson should be proud of me.

 Now for desert I was so excited for my surprise. I went to the refrigerator to take out my bowl of Jell-O and put it in the table with the bowls for everyone to serve themselves. My Husband looked at me and said “What is this rubbery mess you are trying to feed me? What happened to the rest of the water that is supposed to go in the Jell-O?”

 I tried to answer back and all I could say “Oh My Gosh I got so busy with the rest of the meal I was preparing it completely slipped my mind. I forgot that another cup of cold water was supposed to go into the mixture.” I then burst into tears and explained to him “I was only trying to make you a fancy desert. I am sorry it seems like I can not do two things at once”.

 From that time forward when ever I decide to make Jell-O I was sure to have the cold water sitting on the table or already in the bowl. I have never made that mistake again. Grandma Simpson was so supportive and said to me “Dear I have never made that before I am sure I would have done the same as you. Please do not worry there is some fresh fruit we can serve them for desert”. I am so thankful that Grandma Simpson was there in her kind supportive words.