Email, please read first: In hopes to make email more effective for all of us (and so I can respond to yours sooner)…Please think I am 76 years old and have sometime a hard time working on these computers…… Is this a quick question that you need a quick answer to?   Is this a recipe question? Leave it in the comments of the post it relates to. Emails can take me weeks to respond to, but I almost always respond to comment questions within a 24-hour period. Is this an email about promoting a product? Please send me an email and I will answer accordling. If you would like a product review please email me.

For everything else, Sarah’s  email address:

grandmasimpsonkitchen [at] gmail [dot] com 

Mail, please read first:  Everything else, Grandma Simpson’s  Kitchen mailing address:

Sarah Johnston c/o
1968 Diamond Street
San Diego, CA 92109


2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Sarah,

    I read your wonderful article, “Blogging at 76” at Famous Bloggers, and now have your blog bookmarked for future reading. But it took me a while to find your blog, because, in the article, the link to is wrong. It’s got an “s” after the “kitchen”, so clicking on the link leads you to a “no page found” error message. That’ll put up a big roadblock to your traffic!

    Best wishes and keep blogging!

    Sherri (Sherri at Sally’s Trove on Facebook, partner in the soon-to-be-website “Not So Old Broads”)


    1. Thank you Sherri I will make sure to check this one. I am not good at this linking to my site as of yet. I keep making errors when trying to link. I will see how I can change it and not do this mistake again. I am happy that you have found me and want to bookmark my site to read again. Thank you so much


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